How Tall are Earth’s Forests -NASA Images

Astonishing view of the earth’s forests, their distribution and the height of trees around the world. Interesting to see the distribution of the tallest trees in Ontario, and although expected it is unfortunate to see this graphic representation of the … Continue reading

Heritage White Oak in Cambridge

Active History on the Grand: Heritage Trees in Ontario Jan 2nd, 2012 by Karen Dearlove.  Heritage White Oak Tree in Cambridge While many of us may be familiar with the designation of built heritage properties under the Ontario Heritage Act, recently municipalities … Continue reading

Waterloo Board Shade Policy Will Keep Schoolyards Cool

Board shade policy will keep schoolyards cool   January 26, 2012 21:01:00  During these gloomy January days, it’s difficult to imagine the sun beating down on an uncomfortably hot schoolyard. But the time will come. And when it does, children in … Continue reading

Guelph sets the Tree Canopy Bar Higher

City of Guelph sets ambitious tree-canopy target  GUELPH — A tree canopy study commissioned by the city reports that Guelph’s wooded natural areas shrunk by 46 hectares since 2009. Original estimates of Guelph’s tree canopy in the 2007 Urban Forest … Continue reading