Heritage Trees- Toolkit

Securing the Future of Heritage Trees: A Protection Toolkit for Communities”

After a sell-out run of our first Heritage Tree Toolkit, helping individuals and community groups find ways to protect and how to improve the heritage trees survivability in your Urban Forest, we have issued a second updated publication.

Fresh off the press, chock full of helpful and practical information about how to identify, protect and champion your special heritage trees.

Heritage trees are our most valuable, irreplaceable and storied trees in our forests. That is why more and more individuals and organizations are advocating for their protection. This toolkit is an invaluable resource for this ongoing endeavour.

Topics include cogent, factual arguments proving the myriad values of trees’ how-to resources for assessing heritage value; user-friendly strategies for using legislation to protect heritage trees; and a celebration of those people whose heroic actions support the ongoing survival of our Canadian natural heritage. The accepted definition of heritage tree is also provided.

If you or a community group you know of are working to save heritage trees in your neighbourhood, this is the definitive handbook, for a very reasonable price.

This valuable tool helps communities identify, research, nominate, evaluate and designate trees with heritage value.
Click here for a sample chapter & here for the Table of Contents.  
$45 + $12 Shipping and Handling
Please email to arrange shipping and handling. Cheques payable to the Ontario Urban Forest Council, 1523 Warden Avenue, Units 23 and 25, Toronto, M1R 4Z8
For more information, contact: info@oufc.org


Heritage Trees- Toolkit — 4 Comments

  1. I would like to purchase the toolkit and need information as to how that can be arranged.

    Trevor Riordan

  2. Hi Trevor, we are hoping to add an online store soon. In the meantime if you send an email to Jack Radecki our Executive Director he will take care of your order. Send mail to- info@oufc.org

  3. Hello Trevor I will forward your information to Jack who will take care of your toolkit request.
    All the Best
    Barbara Yaroski

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