A Lichen Tribute to Henry Kock


Victoria, B.C. artist Anne Hansen, who is well-known for her paintings of the black oystercatcher (a shorebird), has just purchased in an online auction the scientific- naming rights of a newly-discovered lichen, in a fundraising initiative of the Ancient Forest Alliance.

She will name the lichen after her deceased husband, Henry Kock, horticulturist, naturalist and author of Growing Trees from Seed (Firefly Books Ltd, 2008).  The book was completed by his botanical colleagues after his death.  Kock (pronounced “Coke”) was the public face of the Arboretum at the University of Guelph for 20 years as well as a recipient of the Governor General’s Award for Forest Stewardship.

see above link for more about the lichen Bryoria kockiana.