Manitoba Government Creates Heritage Tree Program

Tree huggers, unite.

The province, through legislation introduced today, will create a provincial heritage tree program to recognize and protect trees that have environmental, cultural, social and historic importance.

The province says the first-in-Canada legislation, amendments to the Forest Health Protection Act, will bring additional protection measures for designated heritage trees on Crown land to prevent their removal for reasons other than health or safety.

“All trees are an important part of our communities, but some are exceptional and irreplaceable, and deserve stronger protection,” Mackintosh, adding the program will run in partnership with the Manitoba Forestry Association.

The forestry association has run its own heritage tree-designation program for several years.

Rivers West—Red River Corridor Inc., which promotes the Red River from Emerson to Lake Winnipeg, also supports the provincial program.

The province will also develop online and plaque programs for designated trees. It will also seek private sponsor funding opportunities.

All potentially significant trees could be considered for nomination. The designation process would also consider any landowner concerns before a tree receives heritage tree status, the province says.–205268901.html