The Scharpers’ Tree Battle Continues

You may remember a few months ago we brought you the story of Mr. & Mrs. Sharper and their fight to save their 50 year old co-owned maple tree.

Their campaign to raise money to help with the legal costs of fighting the appeal of the decision in their favour has become urgent. The appeal date is set for December 10th. Please visit the website at or show your support for this important case.

You might remember that their case also achieved a strong, unprecedented protection for ALL shared trees in Ontario. According to the landmark ruling by the Ontario Superior Court, it is now a criminal act to destroy a shared tree without the consent of a co-owner. Prior to this ruling, thousands of mature trees were arbitrarily cut down by one owner, leaving the other owner with little recourse and generating very harmful impacts on the shrinking urban canopies of many cities.

The bad news is that their neighbor is appealing the landmark ruling.

The Scharpers’s neighbor has recently filed an Appeal to overturn the Ruling. A reversal of the Ruling would be devastating for mature, healthy trees, but support of the Ruling at the Appeal level would create an even stronger legal precedent for trees not only in Ontario, but also Canada as a whole. The Scharpers have spent tens of thousands of dollars of their own money in court fees. They are flat out of money and are asking for help to defend this unprecedented Pro-Tree Ruling.

The modest $15,000 campaign goal on the Every Tree Counts website represents a fraction of legal costs. (Costs to defend the ruling against the appeal alone are estimated to be $35,000.)

$35,000 is:
350 tree supporters giving $100. . .700 tree supporters $50. . .1400 tree supporters giving $25. . .

Donations can be made at:

or by contacting Hilary Scharper: