Identifying Hazardous Trees

Tony Glover in cooperation with Beau Brodbeck and Jack Rowe developed a workshop on community forestry post-storm management. Tony, Beau, and Jack wrote three handouts on assessing, pruning and hiring an arborist that can be downloaded.

The workshop covered the following subjects  Visit the Alabama Extension website for the whole series. We are featuring the introduction to Hazard Tree Identification Click here for presentation- ProfessionalHazardTreeRiskIntro

1. Introduction to Hazard Tree Identification

2. Hazard Tree ID; The Roots

3. Hazard Tree ID; the Trunk and Crown

4. Introduction to Post-storm Pruning

5. Reduction Pruning; Restoring Damaged Trees

6. Trees in your landscape

7. Planting and Care

Supporting publications:

1. Tree Assessment

2. Pruning

3. Hiring an Arborist