Celebrate Heritage Trees

IMG_0031Love the trees? We do, too! Heritage trees are gems in our woods & identifying them is cause for celebration. Find all the happy news about heritage trees & how communities celebrate them here! We will update this page frequently, so make sure to check back often.

Burlington White Oak recognized as an Ontario Heritage Tree
This majestic White Oak tree, 30 metres high and with a circumference close to 500 cm, is quite possibly one of the oldest and largest Quercus alba specimens in Canada. The tree was nominated jointly by Linda McKay of the Burlington Horticultural Society and Jane Irwin of the Burlington Historical Society for recognition under the Ontario Heritage Tree Program. The two BHS groups – the ‘Hort’ and the ‘Hist’ – together represent almost 150 years of community activity in Burlington. The city-owned oak, now standing by the north shore of Burlington Bay on Allview Ave, is estimated to be at least 300 years old...(Read Full Post Here)…


Oakville “Great Oak” Tree Attains Heritage Status!

This 260+ -year-old tree was already more than 50 when Oakville was founded and was on the verge of being summarily axed to make way for a new highway when Joyce Burnell stepped into the fray. Encouraged by Ward 4 Regional Councillor Allan Elgar, Burnell rallied support and funds to save the tree…(Read Full Post Here…)


Roncesvalles Heritage Tree Ceremony
Rain did not deter the celebration as we unveiled the HERITAGE TREE plaque on a much loved community silver maple on Roncesvalles Street in Toronto.  Two local Municipal Councilors, a handful of well wishers, Mary Wiens from the CBC and a couple of reporters braved the weather to take part…(Read Full Post Here…)


Heritage White Oak Tree in Cambridge

The designation of these trees and others in Ontario speaks to a growing realization that cultural heritage isn’t just about old buildings and quaint downtowns, but the preservation of diverse elements of our landscape, including natural heritage and trees, that capture our human history and the history of our environment…(Read Full Post Here…)


Wrap Up of Toronto Heritage Tree Workshop
More than 50 participants spent Friday Nov 9, learning how to celebrate and protect Heritage Trees in Ontario. The full day workshop included a number of speakers who explained the value of Heritage Trees, how to nominate a tree for consideration under the Ontario Heritage Tree program…(Read Full Post Here…)