Canadian Urban Forest Network – Ontario Regional Workshop

The Canadian Urban Forest Network, with the assistance of Tree Canada, is hosting five regional workshops across Canada with the support of TD Friends of the Environment Foundation. This registration is for the Ontario Regional Workshop.

The main goals of this workshop are to bring together stakeholders in urban forestry in Ontario to review (and perhaps introduce to some) the Canadian Urban Forest Strategy, to discuss how the Strategy applies to the stakeholders, and to collaborate in advancing the objectives and tasks outlined in the Strategy. The Strategy can be found at the following link:!canadian-urban-forest-strategy/c1gbp

The workshop also provides a great opportunity for networking with your colleagues from across the Province. For those relatively new to the field of urban forestry, it is a great opportunity to meet you, share information and ideas, and enhance our network. Registration is FREE and lunch is included!

The intent of the workshop is to have active discussions with all participants. After a brief review of the Strategy, participants will break out into facilitated discussion groups. Each group will represent one of 4 Topic Areas to identify the roles each of the 5 Working Groups in the Strategy play in advancing these Topic Areas. The 4 Topic Areas are: Planning (e.g. development, inventory), Establishing (e.g. planting), Retaining (e.g. tree protection, by-laws, policies, conservation, etc), and Managing (day to day operations, caring for existing urban forest, etc).

The outcome of this workshop will be presented at the OUFC Annual Conference the following day, AND all of the regional workshops will be discussed at the Canadian Urban Forest Strategy Meeting at the Canadian Urban Forest Conference in Laval, Quebec, September 27 – 29, 2016.


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