natural heritage Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s epic poem Evangeline begins with the words “This is the forest primeval”. Longfellow was talking about the rich Acadian forest, and was taking a little poetic license. In fact, settlers and boat-builders had already pillaged those forests. They were later altered again and again as the pulp and […]

The Witness Trees

From Trees are some of the largest and longest living organisms on earth. Although all trees benefit the environment, specific trees function as commemorative memorials, expressions of religious commitment, and as cultural icons. The Canadian Register of Historic Places (CRHP) lists numerous examples of historic trees that have been […]

Know Your Roots! Canada’s Historic Trees

Tentative deal reached to protect David Dunlap Observatory Lands–tentative-deal-reached-to-protect-david-dunlap-observatory-lands-in-richmond-hill?bn=1  Noor Javed Staff Reporter Richmond Hill has approved a tentative agreement that would see up to 60 per cent of the David Dunlap Observatory Lands returned to the town and protected from development. The deal, reached through a six-month mediation […]

Environment Trumps Development