Urban Forest

Upcoming Inventory Training Workshop, May 11 in Elora Are you interested in gathering valuable data about the health, location and species composition of your urban forest? Then a Tree Inventory might be just the thing for your organization. Neighbourwoods on the Grand (Elora/Fergus) is offering a one-day workshop on Saturday […]

Tree inventory workshop

Justin M. Gaudon, PhD candidate Faculty of Forestry, University of Toronto     Canadian forestry is undoubtedly an important discipline, especially in light of climate change, for many ecological, socio-cultural, and commercial reasons, including the large amount of carbon forests hold. Climate change makes forestry education and research in Canada […]

Is Canadian forestry education a dying field of study?

  Preserving ash genes in New York New York State has been training volunteers to collect ash seeds since 2009 following the creation of the USDA’s Ash Genetic Resources Conservation Plan. Volunteer seed collectors were trained and seed has been added to 150 collections. This was one of the most […]

Four Urban Forest Initiatives