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 Urban Forests & Political Ecologies, April 2013

Location: Hart House Great Hall, 7 Hart House Circle, Toronto, Ontario
Hosted by:
Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University, Faculty of Forestry, University of Toronto, Humber Arboretum & Centre for Urban Ecology

This international three-day conference covered a wide range of issues related to urban forests, trees and green spaces from political ecology perspectives.


10th Canadian Urban Forest Conference in London, Ontario October 2nd – 4th, 2012.

  • A strategic urban forest workshop and quality local, national and international presenters
  • Field tours of London’s urban forest and Canada’s unique Carolinian Forest
  • A banquet and gala event marking Tree Canada’s 20th anniversary
  • Networking and dialoguing opportunities with Canadian urban forest leaders


OUFC Annual Urban Forest Conference 2011, Toronto Botanical Gardens

A creative and committed team from both organizations worked tirelessly to put on a 2 day conference capped by a Toronto tree tour. Our presenters were as diverse as the attendees, all bringing  unique skills and knowledge generously shared. An invaluable tool was the Website created for the Conference


OUFC Annual Conference: 2010 November 4- 5, 2010: Four Points Sheraton, Thorold ON

There was a sell-out crowd for this year’s annual conference. Our varied and engaging speakers looked at the many ways that our urban forests contribute to our social, psychological and physical well being. Healthier children, skin cancer prevention, even lower rates of violence are just some of the benefits of healthy urban forests according to research findings. Presentations and reports included: The Urban Forest Benefits Model, Evergreen’s contribution to the urban forest, Gosling Wildlife Gardens, i-Tree Eco Analyses in the GTA, Re-Leaf Niagara, Shade for Good Health and a Green City, Sudbury’s City-Wide Forest Renewal and The School Re-greening Program, Neighbours Plant Trees That Seed A Community, Vegetation and Violence Neighbours & Nature.


Urban Forest Conference: February 26, 2010

Representatives from some 20 Urban Forest organizations from across the province gathered at Toronto Botanical Gardens on Saturday, Feb 26 to share ideas, experiences, concerns and determine ways that to work collectively to overcome some of the challenges facing urban forest organizations. We spent part of the day sharing details about our various programs and the remainder pinpointing some of our specific challenges and potential solutions – or at least next steps.

Each of these “round table” discussions determined specific and realistic action steps to address these needs which was a very satisfying outcome for the day. The workshop organizers have sent out detailed next steps to participants so we keep the momentum

LEAF (Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests) of Toronto demonstrated their new Urban Forest Stewardship Network website- an on-line resource for urban tree organizations to share activities and programs.


2009 Conference: Tree Preservation and the Planning Process

Three session with presentations by: Michael Wynia, Suzanne Young, Eric Leon, Martin Volhard & Peter Wynnyczuk, Ian Bruce, Allan Elgar, Dr. Andy Kenney, and Barbara Heidenreich


OUFC: Networking Workshop

Held on February 21, 2009 : Read the article


2008 Conference: A collection of Urban Tree Issues

Speaker presentations by Amanda McConnell, Amber Crowie, Andrew Millward, Bill Snodgrass, Brian Swaile, Jennifer Gibb, Josef Ric, Lionel Normand, Nathalie Karvonen, Peter Simon, Steve Smith.


2007 Conference: Climate Change and the Future of Ontario’s Forests: Can we help our urban and rural forests adapt?

Held on October 18, 2007, this event highlighted the efforts of both professionals and community members who are trying to protect the urban forest from the impacts of climate change.
View the AGM’s Agenda | View the Directors’ Message


2006 Conference: Our Legacy – Our Heritage Trees: What we have received? What will we endow?

Topics included, Today’s Urban Forest – The future starts today & Tomorrow’s Heritage Trees – What will we endow future generations?

OUFC: Getting the Jump on Spring

The OUFC had a booth at Get the Jump on Spring, the Toronto Botanical Garden‘s first major horticultural event of 2006 on February 18, with OUFC board members Bill Morsink and Norma Lundberg on hand to answer questions. The OUFC display included information about its forthcoming Tree Seed Conservation workshop June 17 at Banbury Community Centre in Toronto (see Events for details) as well as material promoting the activities of allied groups such as LEAF and the OHTA.


Professionals and Amateurs – Nurturing the Forest

This special event, held October 20, 2005, highlighted the efforts and successes of both professionals and community members to protect the forest in their neighbourhoods.


Tree Tour of Earl Bales Park

This tour, presented by the Ontario Urban Forest Council and Led by Bill Morsink on Saturday, June 11, 2005, provided unique insight into some of the important native tree communities remaining in this wonderful park. These hidden treasures are an important component of our Great Lakes St. Lawrence Forest Region. The walk also included an in-depth evaluation of the many tree plantations that have been established in the park over the last 50 years. Participants learned about the different approaches that were used in establishing plantations, the reasons behind establishing them and the lessons learned.


OUFC hosts display at the Earth Day Tree Planting Festival

Downsview Park, Sunday April 24. The event was organized by Earth Day Canada, Toronto Region Conservation and Parc Downsview Park Inc.


OUFC hosts educational display at the Sucess with Gardening trade show

March 17 to 20, 2005: The Kids “Make It and Take It” Garden (KG) was part of the Success with Gardening (SWG) trade show in its 14th year at the International Centre in Mississauga. The KG is sponsored by volunteer groups working together to expose children to the wonders of nature and gardening. The organizers this year were volunteers from the Master Gardeners of Ontario, the Mississauga Garden Council and the Ontario Horticultural Association, representing 280 horticultural societies and garden clubs with over 40,000 members across Ontario.

This year’s theme was URBAN FORESTS. Special guest presenters were invited to share their expertise. This year the program included the Ontario Urban Forest Council and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Other contributions from the Toronto & Region Conservation Authority, various nurseries and trades and individuals helped fund the efforts.


Fall 2004 Workshop and Annual General Meeting

Natural Monuments: How to Recognize and Protect Heritage Trees in our Communities, Oct 5, 2004
Held at the Toronto Botanical Gardens (formerly the Civic Garden Centre)

The program included the following talks:

A Definition of Heritage Trees
The Great One Hundred: A Proposal to Recognize Ontario’s Heritage Trees
Toronto Tree Portraits – 2005 Calendar
Current Provincial Legislation: Can It Protect Heritage Trees?
Heritage Trees: A Talk and a Walk
Surrey’s Great Tree Hunt: A Case Study
An Overabundance of Shade? The History of Ottawa’s Trees
Drafting an Action Plan for Provincial Heritage Tree Recognition: A Participatory Discussion


Developing Strategies to Protect Heritage Trees in Provincial & Municipal Legislation

Spring Workshop June 19, 2004
St. Elias Ukrainian Catholic Church Hall, 10193 Heritage Road, Brampton Ontario

A day long workshop that included speakers from Trees Thunder Bay and the City of Barrie. Representatives from the Ministry of Culture and the Toronto North Community Preservation Panel presented ideas on designating and protecting heritage trees. A walkabout followed.


OUFC: Annual General Meeting

On December 4, 2003, the OUFC held its annual general meeting. Highlights included a report on the year’s activities, adoption of a revised constitution and the voting in of directors for 2004. Dr. Andy Kenney, who resigned as a director, was presented with a plaque in honour of his many years of dedication and service to the OUFC. The workshop held at the AGM was entitled “Canada’s Urban Forests in Crisis?”. The evening was moderated by Andy Kenney, and speakers included Jon Hall of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Richard Ubbens of the City of Toronto, and Joe McCarthy, City Forester from Chicago. Approximately 100 people attended.

For details on any of these items, including a copy of the revised constitution and notes from the AGM workshop, contact Jack Radecki.


Getting the Jump on Spring

On February 22, 2004 Peter Dmytrasz represented the OUFC at the Toronto Botanical Garden for this gardeners’ event. Peter’s presentation on “Five Top Things to Do For Your Trees” was a popular session for the keen gardeners attending this event.


Ontario Smart Growth – Public Consultation

Public consultation for the Central Ontario region was held on Thursday February 27, 2003. In attendance at this meeting were OUFC Directors Bohdan Kowalyk, Fran Moscall and Jack Radecki. The panel, headed by Mayor Hazel McCallion, asked for the public’s thoughts on its ideas for dealing with traffic gridlock, managing waste and curbing urban sprawl.

Instead of Green Infrastructure they should use the term “Urban Forest”. The Urban Forest does not only include woodlands and parks, but also the many private trees that face developers wrath and the many street trees that do not have the proper soil environment to grow and necessary resources for aftercare.