OUFC Conference 2020 goes Virtual. REGISTER NOW!

We are happy to announce our 2020 Ontario Urban Forest Summit: Cultivating and Protecting our Green Legacy is going virtual and registration is now open.

The OUFC is pleased to announce the following speaker lineup for our upcoming summit. The speaker lineup this year is impressive with experts speaking from diverse areas that mirror our members. Topics under our Cultivating and Protecting Our Green Legacy address how urban forest conservation is championed through various initiatives. The speakers will share their challenges and the solutions that they implemented to ensure that urban forests are not only cherished, but also perpetuated and sustained. This year, we are proud to present an International Keynote Speaker, Christopher Neilan who has largely worked in the public sector and will share his experiences using soft power to protect heritage and veteran trees. He is most widely known as the originator and main developer of CAVAT (Capital Asset Value for Amenity Trees); a freely accessible tool. To make the online experience fun, we have activities to delight! 
Our expert speakers are: 

Jane Welsh, Project Manager, Environmental Planning, City of Toronto 
Steve Robinson, Manager of Urban Forestry, City of Burlington
Allison Winmill, Technical Manager of Forestry and Tree Nurseries, Bioforest
Martha Copestake, Forester, Planning, City of Ottawa
Christopher Neilan, Chartered Arboriculturist and Landscape Professional, UK

The event is free to attend however it is strongly encouraged to consider joining or renewing your membership in order to receive discounted access to all of the opportunities year-round including webinars, mentorship program, and direct support. Earn ISA CEUs by participating in our entire summit